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Strategy Development and Implementation

    A Business Strategy should be a simple document which summarize where you are now, where you will be in future (2-10 years) and most important how you will get there!

The Strategy document must include vision, mission, core strategies, list of short/long-term goal/objectives and operation/management priorities.

A Strategy document would be about 8-12 pages which should include:

  • Introduction by the president of the board and/or CEO;

  • Vision & Mission;

  • Core Values;

  • List of Short/Long-term programs;

  • Management/Operation priorities;

  • Goals and objectives;

  • Actions plan for coming year.

eLearning Strategy: Will create an architecture which will promote the building of pedagogical innovation, increase the deployment of learning technologies and enable research into eLearning in a way that directly addresses business opportunities and imperatives in any companies.

IT Strategy: Provides for equivalent and enhanced learning and support experiences for all employees at companies or institutes/Universities. It offers a framework that not only develops and extends the range of services and approaches already in place but also looks to deepen understanding and deployment of IT technologies.