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eLearning Development & Implementation

    eLearning Development & Implementation  www.elearning.edu.az

The convergence of learning and information technology make eLearning real! There is a lot of different definition of eLearning but for us eLearning is Internet-enabled learning which provide faster learning at reduced costs in long term.

We can view eLearning and its associated innovative pedagogies as a continuum with entirely remote and distance at one end, through purposeful use for enhancing learning in blended or mixed modes to the integration of e-learning into all teaching and learning experiences at the other.

Experience in and development of the skills of eLearning design and teaching online with and for remote students is widespread at some Universities. There is a need to enable more teams in Universities/institutes to understand and develop effective eLearning using the Virtual Learning Environments (VLE).

SWITAZ support you in designing for participation and intervening for learning.